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Ofsted produces an annual report each December using inspections up to the end of August. Ofsted produces various analysis to show Local Authority Performance. We wanted to provide similar analysis but base it on all of the very latest inspections, based on the current date, rather than as of last August. Below is a table that does just that and gets updated every night. Our data engineers have listed a few pointers to help to you make the most of this.

  • Pupil counts are sourced from the January school census. This is rounded to the nearest 5 and an X is assumed to be 1 pupil. Where there is no school census headcount we fall back to the Number of Pupils value from EduBase. If neither of the previous are present we use the EduBase School Capacity figure.
  • The list of schools as well as each school’s phase and region is sourced from EduBase. Only those marked as Open at that date are included. No Children’s Centre inspections are included in this table.
  • Watchsted is the source of the inspection grades data. Only a school’s latest inspection is considered. Where an academy is yet to be inspected it’s latest pre-conversion inspection grade is used.
  • The latest framework option only shows inspections since 01/09/2015. This allows you to compare like for like inspections. Older frameworks reflect a different grading criteria, but both Ofsted and the DfE include the latest inspection for each school (regardless of the framework) in their calculations for their Good or Outstanding indicator.
  • Schools which have not been inspected are ignored and not included in the denominator of any percentage calculation.
  • There is an option to Hide LAs with fewer than 10 primary or 3 secondary school inspections. If an LA is hidden, it’s values still contribute to regional and national calculations.

Phase: Primary & Secondary

Percentage of: Pupils

Region: Any

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